About Us

CI’s Story

In the early 1970’s Jim Peters set out to create a cabinet shop that produced quality work – work that was delivered on time, every time. Previously he had worked as an installer, and had seen the frustration that results when shops repeatedly missed their install dates.  In 1973 he started Custom Interiors, and began producing custom cabinetry out of his garage.

In 1980 Jim made the move to commercial projects and to a 3,000 sq ft shop in the Seattle area. Custom Interiors first commercial project was the remodel of the King Dome in Seattle.

In the years since then, Custom Interiors has done work for commercial projects ranging from dentist’s offices to hospitals, from restaurants to multi-million dollar office buildings. Far more than cabinets now,  our repertoire has grown to include a wide range of custom architectural casework. Our shop has grown too – we’ve made a series of moves taking us from a garage to a 68,000 sq ft facility, with 21,500 sq ft of additional storage.

Over 40 years one thing hasn’t changed  – Custom Interiors still promises to produce quality work delivered on time, every time.

Jim Peters, President of Custom Interiors (at right) with son Jesse Peters, Chief Estimator

CI’s Core Values

What enables us to go above and beyond the high standards set for us by general contractors?

Skilled craftsmen. Hard-working management. Quality materials.

Custom Interiors' Core ValuesThese components are key to every Custom Interiors project. They are held firmly in place by our four core values:

Honesty  +  Experience  +  Expediency  +  Integrity

CI’s Affiliations

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